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I remember how I ran around my neighborhood when I got my admission letter from JAMB in early 2002,  my joy knew No limit.

At the end of my running around I started shedding tears and my friends that were with me thought it was as a result of the admission, seeing that it took me three years before I finally got the admission.

But that wasn’t the reason I was shedding tears  

My major concern was, how am I going to pay my fee and every other thing that would be required of me when I get to the school for registrations and my up keep.

Coming from a poor home, my dad wanted all of us his children to be educated, but when the means isn’t there, it’s now “All man to himself”  

All I needed then was a mere =N=27,350 for all my school registrations and accommodation. 

But getting that money looks like I needed =N=2.7m  

Seeing that I still have like 5 months to time of registration, I had to hustle harder to see what I can put together for my school stuffs.  

I took up a new job as a store keeper for an FMCG distributor and at the expiration of 4 months, I was able to put together =N=30,000 in all  

Time came, off to school I went and did my registration, after which, NO money was left on me, how I survived in a new terrain is a story for another day.  

Hunger dealt with me and so many other embarrassing moments happened in my first year,

But something dramatic happened in my 2nd semester, second year.  

Thank God to my university girlfriend, who had compassion on me and was able to assist me pay my second-year school fees of =N=6.700 and also gave me =N=10,000 to start a small business I told her about.

Knowing that I can’t afford to fail in this new business, I put in ALL I can in it and by the mercies of GOD this business flourished, and I was able to expand it to three different branches on campus.  

And this I maintained till I graduated from the university.  

After I graduated from the university [12 years ago], I was privileged to have some money in my savings account, this was as a result of my entrepreneurial activities while on campus.  

This enabled me to undergo some trainings on some financial investments like entrepreneurship courses, stock trading, forex, and many more.  

I started trading stocks and forex actively for myself and made some serious cash that I was able to buy my first car and live comfortably, even before going for NYSC  

Along the line I discovered there are several people that are interested in learning about stock and forex trading, I had to take hold of the opportunity and position myself as an expert in that field where I started some trainings and wrote a book on them.  

This gave me huge leverage to pass my knowledge to thousands of people across Nigeria that wanted to know more about the subject matter.  

I made HUGE impact in people’s lives, as they started to earn serious cash from stocks and forex trading. Several of them were working class people whose salaries weren’t enough to take care of them and their family. These skills they learnt from me enabled them to earn more money far above what they earn as salary. 

Some bought cars and even took their children to better schools. I can’t count how many “THANK YOU” text and email messages I got from hundreds of people that benefitted from the practical and applicable information’s I shared.  

I also made MASSIVE income myself, sharing my knowledge and expertise to these thousands of Nigerians.  

This allowed me to leave my desired lifestyle and i kept developing myself in various sectors and sharing my knowledge and experience with people that needs it dearly. Click HERE to join other experts    

For years, things have evolved and I have come to the realization that people will never stop learning and paying for vital and applicable information(s). because it’s what will move people from one level of life to another.  

You see, you will remain where you are, except for the books you read or the people you meet.

Over the years I have recorded several successes that enables me to earn 7 figures consistently for being an expert in my field and it gave me the opportunity to keep sharing my knowledge, expertise and experience to thousands of people in Nigeria and across the world using modern techniques and strategies.  

The life of an expert is the best kind of lifestyle to leave in this current era we are in.   Click HERE To Join The Experts   

Listen up, Your Voice Is Important…  

If you watch the news, engage in your community and listen to your love ones and neighbors. I bet you will hear a thunderous cry for help.  

Our world is in turmoil and transition, it’s in turmoil because we are experiencing such rapid and demanding change in almost all facet of our lives.  

People around the world are unsure how to cope with changes they are experiencing in both their personal, business, career and professional lives.  

They don’t know what to do and they don’t know where to turn to for help. They feel lost amidst all the insanity, unsure how to find their place or their potential  

These uncertainties have led to caution and pause that is preventing them from progress  

The turmoil is amplified because it seems there are few role models available to help people cope, understand and get ahead.  

You see, as an expert that you are,   JOIN Expert HERE   I believe that it’s in the act of expressing yourself, who you are and what you know that you find yourself.  

Sharing your voice is important in your ability to grow as a human being and an expert.  

Your soul lights up with meaning when you help others take one more step forward towards their goals and achievement in life.  

The question I want to ask you is, Do you care enough about your growth, contribution and audience to overcome your fears? You need to know that, you are standing on the worlds stage every day and, in every moment, Whom will you show up as? Will you share your voice? How will you serve?   An entire generation is realizing that there MUST be more to life than working oneself to an early grave.  

Tens of millions are being laid off or retiring and looking for new opportunities Everyone is looking to create more, give more, be more, grow more, and connect more.

They are ready to be free from the bonds of tradition They are looking for new ideas for achieving their potential. They hunger for guidance and inspiration.  

Never before have so many people needed ideas and advice for the next stage of their lives, career, business and profession.   It’s in these moments of turmoil and transition that experts like you SHINE You have the opportunity to stand up, share your voice and expertise and direct others to a greater future for themselves and the world at large.

This is your time to lead and serve. Amid all the fear and uncertainty in the world, you can be the light that guides the way. Join other experts here   

This is your time. Today is the day you can choose to be a beacon of hope and help for others.  Shine brightly, share your message, make a difference, make an impact and also make 7 figures consistently, thereby living your desired lifestyle    

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